Rameshwara Temple, Kollam

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Rameshwara Temple is one of the most renowned temples of Kollam and is situated about 10 km away from the city centre. The temple draws hundreds of visitors with its splendid architecture and magnificent sculptures.

The entire structure of the building is designed using Pandyan architectural techniques which make the temple a unique piece of artwork. One of the key attractions of the temple is the giant sculptures of a Vyala, a mythological monster. The life-like sculptures of these monsters give the temple a touch of antiquity.

Rameshwara Temple is of interest to the archeologists and historians alike as it contains ancient Tamil inscriptions. These inscriptions are believed to be thousands of years old.

The temple lies on the Kollam-Ayur road and is easily accessible by road. The surroundings of the temple are serene and an air of divinity fills the place making the travellers feel refreshed.


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