Thirumullavaram Beach, Kollam

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Thirumullavaram Beach, located 6 km away from Kollam city, is a beautiful stretch of sandy shores undisturbed by commercial activities. Shallow waters makes it a safe place for swimming and children would find this beach extremely exciting.

It is an ideal spot for family picnics and travellers can spend their time in the beach enjoying the surroundings. The isolated location of the beach provides the visitors, ample opportunities to get away from the madness of cities and the fatigue of daily routines. The beach gets its name from a temple located nearby, the presiding deity of which is Lord Vishnu.

A famous rock, known as Nyarazhcha Para, is another attraction of this beach. The rock is situated in the middle of the ocean, half kilometer from the shore, and could be spotted when water recedes during low tide. Evenings are the best time to enjoy the beauty of the beach and it can be visited any time of the year except the monsoons.

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