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Oachira, a small town that lies on the border of Alappuzha and Kollam districts, is located 55 km away from the heart of Kollam city. Best known as a religious spot and pilgrim centre, the town has a number of ancient temples and historic monuments.


One of the most frequented temples of the region is Oachira Temple, also known as the Para Brahma Temple. The temple is a rare exception to the other temples of Kerala for it is dedicated to Para Brahmam or Ohmkaram.


The temple is spread over a scenic stretch of 36 acres and draws devotees from all over South India. The chief annual festival of the temple is Oachira Kali (held during June-July) which commemorates a battle happened during the ancient times.


The mock sword fight between two groups and the cattle fair conducted as part of the festival attract devotees and travellers alike. Oachira Muslim Masjid is yet another religious spot in the region and is considered as an ancient monument of great historical value.


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