Pierce Leslie Bungalow, Kochi

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Pierce Leslie Bungalow, one of the most visited heritage buildings of Kochi, attracts travellers with its architectural grandeur and historical significance. Situated near Fort Kochi on the beach road, this magnificent mansion lies a few kilometres away from Kochi city and is easily reachable by road.

This old colonial mansion was constructed in 1862 and functioned as the administrative office of Pierce Leslie & Co, the renowned coffee traders of the nineteenth century. The building is a true architectural delight that blends Dutch, Portuguese and traditional Kerala styles of construction. Other distinctive features of Pierce Leslie Bungalow include arched entrances, cascading balconies and extensive rooms.

The bungalow complex comprises of two houses which are named Old Harbor House and Koder House. The bungalow is muti-storied, and the ground floor of the building has roofs thatched with wooden panels. The doors of the mansion are intricately carved and delight spectators with remarkable craftsmanship.

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