Mattanchery Palace (Dutch Palace), Kochi

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Mattanchery Palace is located in Fort Kochi and is also famously known as the Dutch Palace. The place is an artist’s delight since it showcases a rich mix of the various cultures that adopted Kochi as their home. Tourists, every year, are attracted to the medieval charm of the palace that was built by the Portuguese in 1555 AD for Veera Kerala Varma who was the then ruler of Kochi. Later in 1663 the palace underwent extensions and renovations by the Dutch and hence the name Dutch Palace. These days the palace is more of a museum showcasing the art and culture of Kerala.

The murals on the walls of the palace depict the mythological tales of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Also, a gallery is dedicated to the portraits of the rulers of Kerala. Some of the best craftsmanship of the times is depicted in the wooden carvings that decorate the ceiling of the dining hall in the palace.


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