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Marine Drive, Kochi


Marine Drive in Kochi is built on the same lines as its sister drive of Mumbai. The promenade in Marine Drive offers a panoramic view of the Kochi backwaters. The place is a favourite hangout joint for the locals and tourists alike because of the unpolluted view of the sea. Sunday evenings see people thronging to the drive to take in the splendid view of the setting sun. Marine Drive also holds economic importance for the city. Plenty of malls line the drive and provide an absolutely thrilling and fun-filled shopping experience. Many fast food joints are also present along the walkway and cater to different types of cuisines.

Very close to the Marine Drive is MG Road that includes some of the best restaurants in Kochi including the famous Kayees Biryani centre. Your Kochi visit is incomplete if you haven’t tasted the famous Kayees biryani. Order chicken biryani with mutton curry and you will know what you had been missing!