Malayattoor Church, Kochi

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Malayattoor Church, a globally renowned pilgrim centre, is situated on the top of Malayattoor Hills. Regardless of seasons, devotees visit this church. According to legends, an apostle of Jesus, St. Thomas had set his feet on this hill with a mission to spread the gospel of Christ.

It is believed that centuries back St. Thomas built a shrine for Virgin Mary on the hills and the church is constructed on the same spot. The construction of the church is in the Greco-Roman architectural style. A number of carvings and paintings including the Five Joyful Mysteries of Jesus Christ can be seen on the walls of Malayattoor Church.

Malayattoor Perunnal is celebrated annually here during the period of March and April. The attractions of Malayattoor Church which are worth your while include Marthoma Mandapam, Sannidi, Golden Cross, a miraculous water spring, St. Thomas’s footprint on a rock and his life size statue. The church is located at a distance of about 45 km Kochi.

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