Jew Town, Kochi

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Jew Town, a must-visit township and an ancient Jewish settlement of Kochi, attracts visitors with its cultural as well as architectural uniqueness. One of the features that make the city of Kochi a stand-out among other Indian cities is its Jewish population. History has it that Jews arrived in Kochi for trade and commerce during 700 BC and later integrated into the cultural fabrics of the city. The then ruler of the region allotted an area for those Jewish families who settled down in Kochi which was later known as the Jew Town. The chief attractions of the Jew Town are the Dutch Palace and the ancient Jewish synagogue, popularly known as the Paradesi Synagogue.

The streets of this township are filled with small shops trading various kinds of spices. Many ramshackle buildings on the streets still bear Jewish names, reminding travelers of the erstwhile glory of this Jewish settlement. The town has many shops which sell magnificent ornaments, antique artefacts and knick-knacks and is an ideal place for shopping.


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