Cherai Beach, Kochi

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Cherai Beach is one of the popular beaches around Kochi. It is located only 25 km from Kochi and comes under the Vypin Island. Many locals and tourists throng to the beach to enjoy the view of rising and setting sun. The beach is easily accessible via road and sea. It has a line-up of some very good restaurants and hotels where you can enjoy amazing sea food. There are small shops that sell fresh sea food; you can pick your fish, prawns and crabs from here and give them to your choice of restaurant for cooking.

Many people enjoy splashing around in the beach, but you have to be very careful during the time of high tides. Much causality has occurred on the beach because people do not heed the warning sign. Drinking is prohibited on the beach, and the local police are very strict about the law. Punishment includes fine and imprisonment.


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