The District Collectorate Building, Khandwa

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The District Collectorate Building is one of the major attractions of Khandwa. This building is located in the eastern part of Khandwa. The District Collectorate Building was constructed in the year 1919 and to this day, the building has retained its charm and glory.

The District Collectorate Building was initially built in an area of 15000 square metre. Over a period of time, several appendices were being made to it to accommodate office space.

This is the office of the Khandwa’s Collector since its construction and the office of the District Magistrate too. One can find dense tree plantation around the building which adds charm to the building. The Government is on a constant effort in trying to save the natural beauty and modernize the monument simultaneously. It lies in the heart of the town, just being 1 km away from the railway station.


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