Ghogripur, Karnal

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Gogripur is a village in Nissing block in Karnal district. It is situated 7 kms in the south of Karnal city and is accessible from Bazida Jatan railway station. The village is known for a popular shrine dedicated to a Muslim saint or a pir, Bu-Ali-Kalandar.

The word ‘kalandar’ approximately means a mendicant who neither owns a property not wishes to own one. They are not beggars in the literal sense of the word. They are also called ‘darvesh’ in Urdu.

Kalandars are the dearest men of God who survive on whatever is voluntarily offered to them. They are always intoxicated with the bliss of God and are rarely mindful of their appearance or physical needs.

Since they are among the most loved people of God, He never lets them die of starvation. A kalandar is, therefore, often referred to as Badshah, the King Emperor—a blessed person with nothing to worry about anything in the world and ready to give the most invaluable gifts to the people around them.

Kalandars are blessed with divine powers which can heal the gravest of diseases and transform paupers into kings. They can perform unbelievable miracles ,but they do not do anything for their own benefit.

Village Gogripur is the proud habitat to the mausoleum of one such kalandar. People flock to his mausoleum to offer prayers and seek his blessings for the fulfilment of their desires.

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