Dargah Nuri, Karnal

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The word ‘durgah’ owes its origin to Persian language. It means a mausoleum or the shrine built over the graves of the revered Muslim Sufi saints and sages also called ‘darvesh’, mendicant or ‘murshid’ meaning spiritual teacher. The Muslims visit these holy places as a part of their pilgrimage (ziyarat) to earn religious merit and peace of mind. They also visit them on special days for prayers.

The durgah normally includes a mosque for prayers and a madarssa- religious school- for the students. It also houses the residences of the teachers, caretakers, maulvis, meeting rooms for the Sufi sages, a dispensary and other buildings for community.

Another purpose for erecting the durgah is the belief that the spirits of the departed Sufi sages can be invoked for guidance and blessings. The durgahs also host music recitations called qwalis and kifis in praise of the departed saints and also Allah. Some of the prominent singers of Sufi music are Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Abida Parveen of Pakistan.

One such durgah called Dargah Nuri is situated at village Newal on the Karnal-Kunjpura road. It was built in the memory of Hazrat Sufi Shah Alama Nur Mohd. of Delhi.


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