Madras Atomic Power Station, Kanchipuram

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The Madras Atomic Power Station is located in Kalpakkam that is a small town in the district of Kanchipuram. The main idea behind the construction of a power station in South India was to make the country more powerful in terms of its nuclear capability. In fact, the power station was the pioneer when it came to creating indigenous nuclear technology. The Madras Atomic Power Station was India’s first completely indigenized nuclear power station.

The power station is fully equipped to handle nuclear power production, fuel reprocessing as well as nuclear waste treatment. It has a plutonium based fuel fabricator for fast breeder reactors or FBRs.

The atomic plant was built under the leadership of India’s Prime Minister Srimati Indira Gandhi and became a part of the grid in 1983. A visit to the plant is a must if you are in the area because the technology used at the plant offers the common man a deep insight into the advancements that science has made in our country.  

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