Kamakshi Amman Temple, Kanchipuram

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The Kamakshi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Kamakshi who is considered to be a form of Parvati, a Hindu Goddess. Most probably, the temple was constructed by the Kings of Pallava dynasty sometime in the sixth century.

A unique feature of the deity in this temple is that the goddess Kamakshi is in a sitting pose instead of in a standing pose. The goddess is seated in a Yoga position and has a very calm and serene presence about her. Surprisingly, this is the only temple in the city that is dedicated to Goddess Parvati, nevertheless a very popular one among the Hindus.

Many areas and structures of the temple have seen reconstruction because the originals were destroyed in a natural calamity or could not stand the test of time. However, all the rulers of Kanchipuram have tried their best to restore the temple according to its initial constructions. But a keen observer will still be able to spot the original work of architecture that was done on the walls of the temple when it was initially built.  

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