Kanchi Kudil, Kanchipuram

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Kanchi Kudil is an ancestral house that has been converted into a heritage inn. However, this is not the only attraction of the place; it has been built keeping in mind the rich historical and cultural past of Kanchipuram. The guests staying at the inn get a feel of the culture of the place and also receive vast amounts of information on the history of the city. Everything right from the furniture to food gives first-hand information to the guests about the city’s past.

The inn is indeed an ancestral house but has been maintained according to the modern standards of living so that the guests do not miss on the comforts of day-to-day lives when they visit the city.

There are also cultural programs that are held in the evenings to give the tourists an insight into the arts that flourish in the city. Those looking for souvenirs can shop at Kanchi Kudil for special local made handicrafts.  

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