Ashokan Rock Edict, Kalsi

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Ashokan Rock Edict is an engraved rock located in Kalsi. According to records, Asoka, the Mauryan King carved his fourteenth edict on this rock; the edict basically is a compilation of the King’s suggested reforms and advice. This rock was discovered by John Forest in the year 1860. The description is written in the Prakrit language and the script used is Brahmi. This is an important memorial in Indian epigraphy and has dimensions as 10 ft x 10ft x 8ft. The rock is engraved with an elephant’s outline where the word ‘gajatam’ is written between its two legs. The names of five Greek kings, namely Antiochus, Magus, Antigonus, Ptolemy, and Alexander engraved on the rock suggest that the edict can be dated back to 253 BC.


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