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  • 01Chaka


    Chaka is a prominent mountain peak, which is located at an altitude of 15,000 ft above sea level. This peak is a prominent trekking zone, where uphill trekking takes around 2-3 h and downhill trekking takes around 2 h. Travellers can hire local guides for trekking in the upward region alongside the water channel from Kalpa.

    It is recommended that the trekkers start early to experience the natural beauty of the place. During the day trip, travellers can pass by a lake and a beautiful valley, which is used as a grazing land around Chaka and Kalpa.

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  • 02Reckong Peo

    Reckong Peo, also known as Peo, is the capital of the Kinnaur District. Located at a distance of about 260 km from Shimla, the place rests at an altitude of 2290 m above sea level. According to history, it is believed that Reckong Poe was formerly known as Kanaurra or Kinnaura. The district was ruled by the Guge Kingdom of Tibet, between the 9th and 12th century.

    Later it came to be known as Sat Khund after it was divided into seven parts (considered together). The place hosts one of the four Buddha Mahotsavs, a major Indian festival, which is organised by the state government.

    Travellers visiting this place can enjoy the picturesque view of the Kinnaur Kailash Mountain. Adventure lovers can trek to Kinnaur from Reckong Peo, which takes around 4-5 days to complete.

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  • 03Kinner Kailash

    Kinnaur Kailash Mountain, also called the Kinner Kailash Mountain in the local language, is a noted mountain peak of Kalpa which measures 6500 m in height. This mountain borders the Kinnaur District in the south. The mountain holds a great religious significance for both Hindus and Buddhists.

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  • 04Suicide Point

    Suicide Point is one of the popular tourist destinations in Kalpa, which is situated just 10 min away from the popular apple gardens. Dangerous trench and vertical slopes are the highlights of this region.

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  • 05Roghi Village

    Roghi Village

    Roghi Village is situated at a distance of about 18 km from Kalpa and 210 km from Shimla. This place is known for its beautiful apple orchards and traditional village life. Roghi is located in proximity to the Suicide Point, which is just 5 min away. Tourists who are religiously inclined can also visit the temple located in the Roghi Village.

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  • 06Sapni Fort

    Sapni Fort

    Sapni Fort, renowned for its exceptional architecture, is located in proximity to the Sapni Village. The fort is built by joining two buildings together. The main tower of the building is quite ancient and has seven floors.

    There is a temple located on the 5th floor of the building, which is devoted to the Hindu Goddess Kali. The front portion of the building was built by Raja Padam Singh of Rampur. Travellers can see beautiful wooden carvings on windows and the door frames.

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  • 07Sangla Valley

    Sangla Valley is located at an elevation of 8900 ft above sea level. This place is located on the banks of the Baspa river amid magnificent twisty streams. The scenic beauty of the place is enhanced with the presence of snow-covered mountains and lush green meadows. Some of the popular tourist attractions located close to the valley include the Kamru Fort, Kilba, Sapni, Rackchham and the Naga Temple.

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  • 08Batseri


    Batseri is a prominent village situated on the banks of the Baspa river. This place can only be reached by walking through a traditional bridge built over a stream. This bridge is made up of the cantilevered logs. Unique buildings, cobbled paths and the temple of Badri Narayan are the important attractions of the village.

    There is a small chorten or stupa at the entry of the village, which according to the locals, protects the village from the offenders. Art lovers can see the beautiful traditional architecture of the region called ‘Kathkundi’ or ‘Kathkuni’. This is quite unique where horizontal wooden sleepers are crammed with the wooden stones.

    In this type of architecture, vertical chambers are not included. In proximity to this village, there is a temple dedicated to Lord Buddha.

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  • 09Trekking

    Trekking is one of the prominent adventure activities that can be enjoyed in the region of Kalpa. It is considered to be the best way of exploring the natural beauty of the place. The region is located in proximity to the city of Reckong Peo, from where one can trek to nearby towns and valleys.

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  • 10Nature Walks

    Nature Walks

    Nature Walks are recommended for tourists, who wish to explore the real beauty of the place. Walking is considered an ideal way of exploring this region. The pleasant atmosphere adds to the charm of the place.

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