Osian, Jodhpur

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Osian is famous for its Jain and Hindu temples, and is located around 110 km away from Khimsar. The construction of these ancient temples can be traced back to the 8th and 11th centuries. The Sachiyamata Temple is the most important shrine among all the temples present here.

Of the cluster of 18 shrines dedicated to different dieties, the Surya temple of the Sun God, Goddess Kali temple, Sachiya Mata temple and the Jain temple of Lord Mahavira are architectural marvels.

The Ossian city, apart from artistic temples, is also famous for camel rides. Tourists have the option of simultaneously enjoying the beautiful view of the temples and their architecture while enjoying the camel ride.

The diety, Sachiya Mata is worshipped by as the ancenstral diety by many a number of castes and sects. The nearest airport to Osian is at Jodhpur. Osian Railway Station is on the JodhpurPhalodi line of North Western Railway. If one wants to travel by road, one will have to take the National Highway 11 which goes through Osian. The place also boasts of a five megawatt (MW) solar power plant, the very first industry in this town of temples.

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