Umlawan Cave, Jaintia Hills

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Umlawan Cave, situated in the Lumshnong village, 60kms out of the east of Jowai is an exciting stop for adventure keen travelers. The cave had so long been obscured from public interest and has only recently gained its rightful title after a proper survey as being not only the deepest but at the same time the longest cave in the entire sub-continent.

The Umlawan cave is joined by two other caves, the Umskor and the Kot-Sati, which gives it its great length of 21 kms. The area is also dotted with several other caves which lie within the distance of 60kms, of which only a few have been explored. This could be an exciting and a “cherry on the cake” bonus for those who have a thirst for creating their own adventures.

The cave is mostly used by the villagers as a washing place as during the monsoons the cave’s entrance is flooded with water, and one has to swim to get inside it. The cave is generously embellished with the stalactite and the stalagmite formations.The Umlawan Cave is can be best accessed by booking a private cab from Shillong.




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