Nartiang, Jaintia Hills

Nartiang was once the summer capital of the Jaintia kings, and today tourists and devotees from all across the globe visit here to bestow witness to this ancient culture and religion.

The Durga Temple at Nartiang stands today as a confirmation of the Hindu heritage of this kingdom. The original structure of the temple has been revamped, but one can still see the idols, altar and swords which were used centuries ago to offer sacrifice to the goddess.

There is also a Shiv Temple. The market of Nartiang also has a legend associated to it, about a man named U Mar Phalyngki, who had carried a large slab from Raliang market to Nartiang. Today, one can find this same market at Nartiang, standing alongside a large bunch of monoliths. Tourists love to visit this market and see the tribal men and women sitting under small thatched structures selling fruits, vegetables, local delicacies and cane baskets.

On the way to Nartiang, there is the beautiful Thadlaskein Lake. Boating in this lake on a calm evening, with the pleasant breeze blowing across your face is a delightful experience.The best way to reach Nartiang is to book a tourist cab from Shillong.


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