Krang Suri Falls, Jaintia Hills

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Krang Suri Falls is situated in the Amlarem Civil sub Division of Jowai. Amongst the myriad of waterfalls found in the region, the Krang Suri is the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Surrounded by greenery and big rocks, it is one which inspires poetic thoughts.

Dropping down from a low level into a basin like depression, it is an ideal spot for taking a cool dip. On rainy days, the water drops down gustily, creating the illusion of a mist.

For ease of access, graveled pathways have been constructed by the District Administration. They have also tried to keep it as natural as possible by discarding the use of cement, and instead using natural multi-colored stones to align the paths. The best time to visit here would be the monsoon season when water is found in abundance.


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