Ujjaini Mahankali Temple, Hyderabad

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The Sri Ujjaini Mahakali temple is situated in the Secunderabad area of Hyderabad. The temple is believed to be around 200 years old. Everyday hundreds of devotees come to the temple to offer their prayers. The temple is dedicated to Mahakali, the Goddess of Power and Strength. The temple is particularly bustling with activity during Ashada Jathara that falls on Sunday and Monday. These two days are believed to be ideal for worshipping Mahakali.

The festival of Bonalu is also celebrated with great style and fervor at the temple. The festival is mainly celebrated in the cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Devotees from Telangana and Rayalaseema also come to the temple during the festival time. Bonalu is celebrated every year during the months of July and August. It is believed that worshipping the Mahakali at this time of the year is ideal for thanking the Goddess for providing as well as sustaining life on the earth.


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