Golconda Fort, Hyderabad

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Golconda Fort or Golla Konda Fort implies the shepherd’s hill and is a fort built 11 km from the city of Hyderabad. During the 15th century, Golconda was a flourishing city, but now one can only see the ruins of its bygone splendor. The fort at Golconda was built by the rulers of Qutub Shahi Dynasty who reigned over the city starting from 1512. The major contribution to the fort came from Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah Wali. The fort was built in order to defend the city from Mughal attack from the north. An interesting feature of the fort is its acoustics.

If you stand in the patio of the fort and clap your hands, the voice can be heard at the top-most point of the fort that is situated at a height of 91m from the main gate. It is also believed that a secret tunnel connects the Golconda Fort with Charminar though no evidence has been found of this passage.


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