Chow Mohalla Palace, Hyderabad

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The Chwomohalla Palace belongs to the Nizams of Hyderabad and was the official residence of Asaf Jahis. The Palace derives its name from Persian words ‘chahar’ and ‘mahalat’ meaning four palaces. The palace has been built on similar lines as the Shah of Iran’s palace in Iran. The construction of the Palace began in the 18th century, and it took almost 10 years to complete it. As a result, the design and architecture of the palace is a result of a combination of various styles and influences.

In olden times, the Palace was used for conducting various functions including the coronation of the Nizams, as well as the welcome parties of the Governor-Generals. In fact, all ceremonial functions were known to take place in the Chowmohalla Palace during the reign of the Nizams. There are two courtyards in the palace; the northern courtyard and the southern courtyard. Both the courtyards are surrounded by rooms unparalleled in design. The uniqueness of the palace lies in its grandeur and elegance.


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