Secunderabad, Hyderabad

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Secunderabad is famously known as the twin city of Hyderabad. The city takes its name from Sikandar Jah who belonged to the Asaf Jahi Dynasty and was the third Nizam of Hyderabad. Secunderabad was established in 1806 and was mainly a British Army Cantonment until Independence. Although Secunderabad is the twin city of Hyderabad but the two cities have absolutely different cultural as well as historical identities. While Hyderabad was the city of the Nawabs, Secunderabad was the city of the British people who were serving in the Armed Forces.

Secunderabad still is the cantonment area of Hyderabad and has a large number of serving personnel belonging to the three wings of Armed Forces. What divided the two cities was the Hussain Sagar Lake. However, Secunderabad no longer has a different municipality and is now counted as a part of Hyderabad itself. The two cities together form the sixth largest cosmopolitan city of India.




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