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Kingdom of Dreams is one of the most captivating tourist spots of Gurgaon in Haryana. It is situated at the most accessible part of Golden Triangle and therefore can be easily reached from Agra, Delhi and Jaipur.

It is an outstanding spectacle which harbours the nation's art, culture, cuisine, heritage and other performing arts. Coupled with it is the amazing work of modern technology. Established on January 29, 2010, it is close to Leisure Valley Park. Various Bollywood stars are attached to Kingdom of Dreams.

Kingdom of Dreams not only attracts Indian tourists but also international travelers. It reflects the traditional and modern culture of India which is presented in an entertaining manner. Crafts, musical functions, dramas, carnivals, street dances, mythological shows are some of forms presented.

Nautanki Mahal and Showshaa Theatre are the venues where various forms of art is presented while Culture Gully is where Indian cuisine and handicraft is displayed.

Nautanki Mahal can accommodate 835 people and it is the venue where Bollywood kind of music, shows and theatre are organized. The spectacular show of Indian cinema is presented in stunning and electrifying manner. Blend of creativity and technology gives mind boggling entertainment.

Automated fly bars, hydraulic stage and matrix sound system gives larger than life experience. Maharaja Lounge at Nautanki Mahal has special arrangement for the visitors. Snacks and drinks are offered during the interval.

Show Shaa Theatre showcases mythological stories like Ram Lila and Krishna Lila which are well accompanied by technological advancements. Mock weddings are also organized here which take place with lots of pomp and splendour. With rich costumes and amazing choreography, Indian epics are presented in a fantastic way. Talent hunts are also organized here. It is a covered ampitheatre which can seat 350 people.

Culture Gully is air conditioned plush venue where visitors can experience Indian culture, cuisine and satiate their shopping quest. Be it the tavern of Goa or backwaters of Kerala, the royalty of Rajasthan or rustic life of Punjab, tourists can relish all of them at one venue.

It represents India with its rich heritage and architecture. Visitors can even interact with the performers. Food lovers will have their best time as myriad exotic cuisines from 14 states of India are available here. The architecture of every state pavilion is unique representing the speciality of the state. The Mehkhana Bar and the Kerela Bar are the two lounge bars of Culture Gully. It spreads over an area of 100,000 sq ft.

IIFA Buzz Cafe is modeled on IIFA which has inspired the decoration, props, music and special effects. It is Bollywood themed resto-bar. It comprises of movie costumes, posters, IIFA awards and other Bollywood mementos which are worth remembering.

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