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Jharkhand is renowned for various adventurous spots where tourists actually get the scope to experience daring activities. These activities can be enjoyed at Giridih, Parasnath and Satpahar hills. Giridih district being the hub of such adventurous activities attracts tourists from every corner of the nation. Paragliding, Water Sports and Parasailing are some of the unfamiliar activities which is making the state popular.

Water sports are a common entertainment at Giridih. 8Km north east of the district, there is a water reservoir where various adventurous sports take place. Bird watching is another engagement for bird enthusiasts. Adventure does not end with water activities. Elephant and camel safari are other forms of amusement. Boating, Rock-climbing, Parasailing and Kayaking are activities which can be relished here.

Hot air balloon ride is another venturesome activity which tourists can enjoy at Giridih. Being one of the successful technology of the bygone days which carried human and flied, people are still interested in this sport. With proper training from the experts, tourists can enjoy the ride in the sky and relish the beauty of nature.

Parasailing considered being an aero sport is a reckless activity where enthusiasts sail at a height of 300ft altitude. A parachute known as Parasail is dragged by a jeep on land or motor vehicles on water through a rope. Flying freely in the open air is a thrilling experience indeed.




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