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The Sikkim Science Centre located at Marchak close by Gangtok is a one of its kind establishment at the place, set up with an idea to develop a scientific temperament and to promote creative learning among people, the centre conveys detailed info of Science and Technology in a beautiful informal way.

The centre houses some interesting galleries such as the unique humankind gallery, fun science gallery, Taramandal, gallery for students' activities and the science park.

Let us learn a little bit about all the interesting galleries at this Science Centre.

The Unique Humankind Gallery : This museum tells one all about the uniqueness of humankind and the various forms of their life on earth. The gallery houses about 42 different interactive exhibits. The gallery explains about the supremacy of humankind and the reasons that make man different from other living beings on earth.

The museum also explains about various other aspects related to human biology such as growth, reproduction, muscular system, development, blood circulation, genetics and more. Also, there is the IQ and puzzles corner, multimedia quiz corner and an optical illusions corner which almost every visitor finds interesting.

Fun Science Gallery : It is where one can learn science through fun and enjoyment. For, it is all of easy-to-use exhibits that help understand and explore the subject of Science a very simple way.

The gallery houses things such as objects defying gravity, rolling ball that does acrobatics, light that produces colourful shadows, funny mirrors, optical illusion gadgets and many more such interesting equipments.

Children's Corner : There is an exclusive corner dedicated to Children at the Science centre. It includes a variety of science kits and puzzles that help children understand the subject in a simple and easy way.

Children are paid special attention to at this centre.

Last but not the least, a Multimedia quiz makes one busy and enables to find how good one knows about his/her body.

Taramandal : It is a planetarium through which one can almost experience the feeling of entering the space and learning in detail about the various celestial bodies . It holds a capacity of 25 visitors and during the night reveals the glittering sky of Gangtok as well as other places in the northern hemisphere. Also, an interactive demonstration is done at the place which helps visitors understand things about the space much more in detail.

Students' Activities Corner : Through this corner, the centre aids activity based learning of the subject of Science, for Science is always better understood through 'experiments'. The centre also organizes several outdoor and indoor activities for students like Science quiz, seminars, fairs, vacation hobby camps and more.

And the centre also celebrates all important days associated with the subject like the National Science Day, World Population Day, World Environment Day, National Technology Day and more, with interesting and relevant activities associated with the respective days.

Science Park : And there also is a Science Park which is all green and calm where the victors can indulge in various recreational activities. They can play in the sympathetic swing, listen to repetitive echos, look through the camera obscura and do much more.


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