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Gangtok Weather

Since Gangtok is perched at an elevation and also has a sheltered environ, the place enjoys a pleasant environment almost all through the year.


Gangtok lasts between April and June. The climate during the season remains quite mild with the temperature reaching a maximum of 22° C.


Gangtok has a monsoon influenced subtropical climate. The season of monsoon at Gangtok lasts from June to October and during this time the place receives intense rains that even cause landslides, thus blocking land access from Gangtok to rest of the nation. Rains start from the month of May and the place receives highest rains in July.


The winters at Gangtok are quite chilly. The average minimum temperature can go down to -3°C during the time. The snowfall however is rare, though the place did receive snow fall in the recent years of 1990, 2004, 2005 and 2011.