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MG Marg, Gangtok

The MG Marg is the main and a very important road in Gangtok that draws tourists towards in hoards all through the year. And it ought to be popular for it also happens to be the country's only spit- and litter-free lane and no vehicles are allowed to enter this road as well!

There are various attractions in this lane. While it is perfect to hang out at this street during evenings, it's a great place to shop at, with many interesting shops lined up on either sides of the fascinating lane. Also, there is a place called the Titanic Park where music is played exclusively for the visitors and tourists to sit, listen and relax, especially when the tourist inflow is high.

Also, it is here that the annual Gangtok food and cultural festival is held during December every year where a wide variety of tasty Sikkimese cuisines are available to relish. The event also includes cultural extravaganza and is one of the most popular festivals celebrated in Sikkim.