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Kabi Lungtsok is a historic place, located on North Sikkim Highway, 17 km away from Gangtok. This is the same place where the historic treaty between Lepcha Chief Te-Kung-Tek and the Bhutia Chief Khey-Bum-Sar was signed ritually.

Kabi Lungchok is a place in Sikkim with a historical importance. It is situated 17 km ahead of Gangtok on the North Sikkim highway. The place is renowned for it is here the treaty of 'blood and brotherhood' between the Lepcha (the ethnic trials of the state of Sikkim) and Bhutias (the ethnic Tibetans) chiefs was signed. The particular site where the treaty was signed has been marked with a stone pillars and every year, a ritual is performed at Kabi, in commemoration of this friendship treaty.

The treaty was signed by Khye Bumsa – the Tibetan king who represented Bhutias and Thekong Tek – the chief of Lepchas.

Originally, Lepchas are known to be the ethic tribal people of Sikkim and who have been renowned for their simple lifestyle and humble behavior led their lives practicing shifting cultivation in Sikkim. They also elected their own leader and lived their lives following his rules and instructions.

However, eventually, some Tibetans began migrating in large numbers to Sikkim and even started occupying those land that were not officially owned by the Lepchas. They even successfully converted a few Lepchas to Buddhism for the Bhutias were strong followers of Buddhism. However, in order to end all these issues and improvise the relation between both communities, a treaty was signed in between heads of bothy the communities. During the occasion, Khyme Bumsa took an oath saying he 'would not discriminate his newly acquired Lepcha subjects'. Thus, Kabi became the destination symbolizing friendship between Lepchas and Bhutias.

Kabi is a very scenic spot full of beautiful sceneries, waterfalls, dense forests and historical sites. It also is home to some very attractive flora and fauna.

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