Sudi, Gadag

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Sudi is a famous town of the district of Gadag, known for some unique stone carved monuments. Though the structures present in this town were not well known earlier, these have gained prominence since Sudi came under the ambit of the Indian archaeological department, Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). This town has been relevant since circa 1000 AD, when the Kalyani Chalukyas ruled the region. Till a few centuries ago, this town was the hub of the Western Chalukya architecture.

Some of the popular monuments located here are Mallikarjuna Temple, Twin Towered Temple and Naga Kunda. A few other prominent monuments located in this town include the large Ganapati Statue, Ishwara Linga in a stone-made shelter, a Tower named Hude and Large Shiva Linga. Due to the presence of such enchanting monuments, Sudi has gained the status of a 'must visit site' for tourists headed towards Gadag.

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