Narayana Temple, Gadag

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Narayana Temple, also known as Padmabbarasi basadi, is a Jain temple constructed in 950 A.D. during the period of Krishna III. It was sanctioned by Queen Padmabbarasi, the ruler of Ganga Permadi Bhutayya. This temple is considered as one of the biggest Rashtrakuta temples present in Karnataka. It is suggested that people who are planning to visit Gadag should stop by this temple, which holds the distinction of being the largest Rashtrakuta temple of Karnataka.

In this temple, a Dravida vimana-type sikhara has been mounted above the garbhagriha; this shikhara is a trikuta. There are three garbhagriha at this temple, out of which the main one is square in shape and was supposed to be a Jina. However, the other two are rectangular in shape, with rectangular pedestals that run from wall to wall. These two have a total of twenty-four holes, which signify that the two garbhagrihas were to be used for creating twenty-four individual Tirthankara sculptures.

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