Lakshmeshwara, Gadag

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Lakshmeshwara, an agricultural trading town, is located in a Gadag District of Karnataka. This town is also known for its religious background, where the followers of Jain religion and Lord Shiva are now settled. Someshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is located in this town; this temple has a beautifully sculpted stone shrine. Sannabasadi and Shankabasadi are the two famous Jain temples present in this town.

A dargah, Jamma Masjid, the Mukha Basavanna shrine, the Kodiyellamma Temple and a large idol of Suryanarayana are also some of the main attractions of the town. This town, which is also known for its rich culture and literary background, is a must visit site for those planning to travel to Gadag District. Since its establishment, it has changed names many times; some the names that it previously held are Purigere, Porigere, Purikanagar, Pulikanagar and Puligere.

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