Lakkundi, Gadag

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Lakkundi is a small village in Gadag district about 50 km from Kuknur. The place is known for many ruined temples which were constructed during Chalukya period. Some of these temples, which are still preserved, are Mallikarjuna temple, Someshwara temple, Nilakanteshwara temple and Lakshminarayana temple.

Kashi Viswanatha temple is the most famous of all temples in Lakkundi, also known as the paradise of temples. The temple has two shrines facing each other, dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Surya, the Sun God. The temples in Lakkundi are living proofs of the temple architecture from Hoysala and Chalukya ages. The village is also famous for 101 stepped walls and exquisite temple inscriptions.

Lakkundi is just about 11 kms to the south east of Gadag. You can reach this temple in no time by bus as there is hardly any traffic. Travelers may also hire auto-rickshaws or taxis to get to Lakkundi from Dambal or Gadag.

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