Tea and Spice Plantations, Devikulam

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Tea and Spice plantations make Devikulam an extremely favourite tourist paradise. These plantations are bursting with a varied mix of flora and fauna. The even acres of tea and spice plantations are adorned with numerous other exotic varieties of trees. One can enjoy the scents of spice plantations and lose oneself on the velvety bends on the tea plantations. Rare varieties of flora and fauna can be sighted in these spice gardens. The red and blue gum trees and exotic flora adorn these overwhelmingly rolling Devikulam hills. A visit to the sprawling tea and spice plantations is truly enriching in more than one way. Rows and rows of neatly trimmed tea shrubs, pepper, clove and cardamom fill their essence in the air making it irresistible. One can take guided tours to heighten this experience. One would not ask for anything more after slurping fresh tea/coffee at the estate while admiring this natural phenomenon.


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