Sita Devi Lake, Devikulam

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Sita Devi Lake, more popularly known as the Devikulam Lake, attracts picnickers not only because it is a scenic spot but also because the waters here are enriched with minerals that have curative properties. The lake has a thermal water spring that attracts people who want to spend their time in serenity. Nature here has wonderfully manifested itself into so many forms that one is truly mesmerised. Another factor adding to the sacredness and purity of this lake is the legend that claims that Goddess Sita of the epic Ramayana has herself bathed here. With the shade of tall trees, lush green lawns, cool and crystal clear waters gushing through the rocks and chirping of birds, Sita Devi Lake would serve as a perfect getaway destination. One should not miss a chance to witness this phenomenon of nature for one may feel as if the heaven has descended downwards into these misty hills.


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