Kali River, Dandeli

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Tourists on trip to Dandeli town are 'recommended' to explore Kali River, also known as Kalinadi. This river originates from a small village named Diggi that is the lifeline of around 4 lac people. Several dams have been constructed across Kali River for generating electricity. Supa Dam in Ganeshgudi is one of the chief dams that have been built across this river.

Visitors can enjoy boating in the saucer shaped coracles that are made using tanned buffalo hide and bamboo. Upon reaching the site, travellers would get the chance to see birds like weaverbirds, egrets and pied kingfishers, to mention a few.

Tourists who embark on a trip of the 184 km long Kali River can also visit the Sadashivgad Fort that is situated by the bridge of river. This fort was constructed at the confluence of the river and the Arabian Sea. On the bridge of the river is the National Highway NH-17 and the road that later connects Goa to Karnataka. Tourists can visit the river from the month of October to March as they will be able to enjoy white-water rafting in the river during that time.

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