Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Dandeli

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While on a trip to Dandeli, travellers must visit Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary that is one of the prime attractions of the town. A selected forest area was deemed as the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary On 10th May 1956, which was declared as the Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve in 2006. Upon reaching this sanctuary, tourists would get the chance to explore steep slopes, deep river valleys and hilly forest terrain. This sanctuary sprawls across an area of 834.16 sq km and is situated at a height of 100-970 m.

This sanctuary is home to several types of unique and rare species of animals, such as Black Panther. Tourists can spot wild animals like barking deer, sambar, and spotted deer, along with birds like yellow footed pigeon, great pied hornbill, crested serpent eagle and peafowl. There are around 200 bird species that include ashy swallow shirkes, drongos, brahminy kites, malabar hornbills and minivets.

Tourists can also opt for trekking as well as coracle boat rides in the sanctuary jungle. The most ideal time to visit the sanctuary is between the months of October to June. Tourists can explore this sanctuary in an open jeep along with trained guides. If time permits, then tourists can visit Anshi National Park that is located in the vicinity of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary.

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