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While on a trip to Chikmagalur, travellers can explore Amrutheshwara Temple that is situated 67 km to the north of the town, if time permits. This pilgrimage site was constructed in the year 1196 under the rule of Veera Ballala II (Hoysala King).

The temple has been named after its architect, Amrutheshwara Dandanayaka. Amrutheshwara Temple includes a vimana (shrine) of ekakuta design, a wide open mantapa (hall) and a closed mantapa that connects with an open hall.

The closed mantapa has 9 bays with a porch while the open mantapa has 29 bays. Upon visiting the site, devotees would notice that the temple is embellished with sculptures of Kirthimukhas (demon faces).

The main attraction of Amrutheshwara Tempe is the series of glistening lathe turned pillars that are supporting the mantapa ceiling. On closer observation, people will see that inner ceiling of the mantapa is adorned with carvings of floral patterns.

The open mantapa consists of 140 panels that display Hindu mythological characters. The north side of the wall showcases important events of Mahabharata and the life of Lord Krishna. Moreover, events from the epic Ramayana have been displayed in an anti-clockwise manner on the south side of the wall. Tourists can also explore Bhadra River Dam that is located in vicinity of the Amrutheshwara Temple.

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