Central Coffee Research Institution, Chikmagalur

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Tourists on a trip to Chikmagalur are advised to visit the Central Coffee Research Institution (CCRI) that was established in the year 1915. CCRI was set up at Koppa Laboratory in order to solve the problem of leaf diseases that affected coffee plant. The institution covers an area of 130 hectare, wherein 80.26 hectare is dedicated just to plantation. 28.94 hectare of the planted area is taken by Robusta coffee and 51.32 hectare by Arabica.

After some time, the laboratory was converted to a full time experimental station for solving issues relating with coffee plants, seeds and cultivation. In 1925, Government of Mysore decided to rename the centre as 'Mysore Coffee Experimental Station'. This institution has started selling diversified crops like areca and pepper. A check dam is also an important feature of the CCRI, which is used for maintaining the right amount of water.

The Central Coffee Research Institution includes a nursery, buildings, roads and expansion lands. Upon reaching the institution, tourists will find material imported from Ethiopia and wide range of germplasm. People can also see an advanced laboratory and a library that includes books and periodicals on plantation of coffee crops.

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