Navagraha temples, Chennai

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Navagraha temples are nine temples that are located on the outskirts of Chennai. These nine temples are dedicated to Navagrahams or the nine planets. The temples were built so as to facilitate the worship of the nine planets around Chennai, instead of the people of the region travelling all the way to Kumbakonam to worship the navagrahas .

All the nine temples were built during the Chozha period and their style and architecture is truly inspirational. Although all temples have equal importance but a few have been neglected over the years and stand in a bad shape today. There are some temples that have been well cared for and still look new despite the passage of time.

The presiding deity at the nine temples is Lord Shiva though He is worshipped in different names at the temples. In some temples Lord Shiva Himself represents the particular planets and hence the planets do not have individual shrines.

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