Marina Beach, Chennai

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Marina Beach is a popular beach in Chennai. It  forms a part of the Bay of Bengal. The beach runs along the length of the Fort St George located on the northern part of the city and up to the Besant Beach that is on the southern side. The then Governer, Grant Duff, captivated by its beauty developed it and called it Madras Marina in the year 1884.

The total length of the Marina beach is about 13 km earning it the distinction of being the longest beach in India and the second longest beach in the world.

The Marina Beach used to be very popular among the tourists at one point of time because of its unmatched beauty. However, its waters are now polluted, and the beach has become dirty because of negligence and careless attitude of the tourists.

Many volunteers have taken it upon themselves to preserve the natural beauty of the beach by doing cleaning drives every month on the beach. The volunteers also look after the care and protection of the nests of the Olive Ridley turtles.

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