Kalikambal Temple, Chennai

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The Kalikambal Temple in Chennai is located on the Thambu Chetty Street in George Town. The area is hard to miss since it is a major financial center of the city. The temple is dedicated to Hindu Goddess Kalikambal who is also revered as Goddess Kamakshi in some parts of India.

The present day Kalikambal Temple was built in 1640 A.D. after the original temple was destroyed. The site of the original temple was near to the shore, and it is believed that Portuguese invaders brought down the temple. According to a local legend, one of the fiercest-some form of Goddess Kamakshi was worshipped at the temple. This form of the Goddess was believed to be very aggressive and powerful. It was later that this fierce form of the Goddess was replaced by her less aggressive and more peaceful form of Goddess Kalikambal. This avatar of Goddess Kamakshi is considered ‘shanta swaroopa’ or peace loving.

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