Raja Mahal, Chanderi

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Raja Mahal is a seven storied palace standing proudly in the Andar Shehar of Chanderi. It is one of the few remaining palaces that still grace the landscape of Chanderi. Chanderi once had around 260 palaces, of which only 43 have managed to exist till date. The palace features architectural style of the 15th century. It is a beautiful structure constructed from grey and white sandstones and has elaborate carvings to display.

The palace is truly a magnificent structure that has large courtyards, elegant stairways, beautifully carved pillars and open pavilions on the terrace. The palace has an underground passage connecting it to another palace standing nearby.

This smaller palace is known as the Rani Mahal, which is quite different in architecture and style to the Raja Mahal. These two palaces together are known as the Rajmahal. These palaces serve as prominent points of attraction in Chanderi Tourism.


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