Pathani Darwaza, Chanderi

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Pathani Darwaza is a grand gateway standing proudly in the city of Chanderi. The free standing gateway stands testimony to the magnificent days of a by-gone era. The tapering turrets allow a glimpse into the impressive style of architecture that was prevalent throughout the city in the past. The ornamental panels of the structure speak a lot above the architectural excellence of the structures.

Pathani Darwaza has a height of more than 30 feet. The turrets are joined by stone screens. The beauty of the structure lies in the unique style of construction and design, which is exclusive to Chanderi.

Though the Pathani Darwaza is not in an excellent shape today and requires maintenance to carry on its glorious past. But the grandeur of the heritage structure can be felt in the typically designed rich and ornamental standalone gateway. It is rare to witness such carved beauty outside Chanderi.


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