Hath Sal, Chanderi

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Hath Sal is located between two other famous structures of Chanderi, Bala Kila and Khuni Darwaza. It was built in the earlier part of the fifteenth century. Hath Sal is a reminder of the celebrated market place of Chanderi. The specialty of the market place was that the shops were built to serve the pedestrians as well as the elephant riders with equal ease.

The shops were built on six tiers of projection which made the shops gain height. This facilitated the people riding on elephant backs to purchase things while seated on the elephants. The structure was built on pillars and came to be known as Hath Sal. Hath Sal means the house of elephants.

The structure had impressive architectural qualities like lotus designs and jail work, which were common during that period of time. The uniqueness of Hath Sal impresses people even today.


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