Handloom Unit, Chanderi

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Handloom Unit of Chanderi is famous all over the country and beyond due to the alluring Chanderi sarees. Chanderi is famous for its rich weave of brocades and muslins and the sarees, which are made of silk and cotton.

The birth of the Chanderi weave dates back to the 4th century BC. The appeal of this gorgeous weave had impressed even the Kings and Queens from different parts of India. Chanderi silk and cotton have been popular among the Royalty since the 11th century AD. Chanderi Fabric is particularly known for the light weight, sheer texture and a transparent feel.

A rich golden decorative border and a body of subtle hue is the distinct mark of a Chanderi saree. The weavers of Chanderi are the carriers of a rich heritage. Chanderi silk is also used for suit pieces, scarves, dupattas, etc. Chanderi sarees and other items are exported abroad.



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