Battisi Bavdi, Chanderi

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Battisi Bavdi is the most famous and the largest step-well in Chanderi. It is believed that the water in this step well will always be stable as long as there is water in the oceans. The amazing feature of this wonderful well is that the water remains at the same level inside the well all year through. The step well is square in shape with a dimension of 60 feet by 60 feet and has a depth of around four storeys.

The stairs start from the main entrance and lead to the base of the well. The end of the main steps at each storey leads to beautiful platforms or ghats that surround the well on all sides. There are 32 flight of steps in the well, which gives it its name. Battisi Bavdi was built by Sher Khan in 1485 during the rule of Sultan Ghiyasuddin Shah Khilji.


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