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Champaner Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Champaner

  • 01Sikander Shah's Tomb

    The tomb of Sikander Shah is situated at champaner in Gujarat. The last ruler of Champaner, Sikander Shah who was assassined by Imam-ul-Mulk, is buried here with his two brothers. Though it is a simple stone structure with fluted domes, it is popular for its craftsmanship and elegance.

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  • 02Sakar Khan Dargah

    This majestic tomb is the largest mausoleum in the old city of Gujarat. It is located in Champaner. The great tomb stands on a low platform with a huge dome-like structure.

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  • 03Makai Kothar Or Navlakha Kothar

    These are three-domed structures used to store grains for the soldiers. The series of these structures are located at Champaner.

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  • 04Jama Masjid

    The Jama Masjid is one of the most visited mosques of Champaner. It is adorned by two proud minarets of 30 m each. The detailed carvings and beautifully worked pillars make this place a lovely sight.

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  • 05Nagina Masjid

    Nagina Masjid, known for its intricate carvings, is yet another lovely mosque located at Champaner in Gujarat. It is built up on a high plinth and has three domes over the main hall. There's a cenotaph nearby which is impressively carved.

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  • 06Kevada Masjid

    Out of the famous mosques in Champaner, the Kevada Masjid is one of the places important for ritual purposes. A cenotaph near the mosque is used for ritual ablutions and this area has many mehrabs (Mehrab refers to a place where prayers are done, which is built facing the spot where Mecca is situated).

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  • 07Sahar ki Masjid

    Sahar ki Masjid

    Sahar ki Masjid is known to have been a private mosque of the sultans of Champaner. It has large domes at each of the three entrances.

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  • 08Lila Gumbai ki Masjid

    Lila Gumbai ki Masjid

    This mosque in Champaner is built on a high platform with a fluted dome that lost its colour and shine through the centuries. The prayer hall of this mosque also has a central handing kalash.

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  • 09Helical Stepwell

    This scary-looking stepwell is located at Champaner in Gujarat. It was built during the 16th century and is 1.2 m deep. The stepwell is built differently from the other stepwells of Gujarat with a staircase that spirals down along the wall of the well.

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  • 10Brick Tomb

    Brick Tomb

    These brick tombs are the only tombs in Gujarat made of bricks. They have a central dome and a dome at each of the four corners. The entrances are beautifully arched with bricks at each side of the monument.

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  • 11Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary

    If you pay a visit to Champaner, Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary is one place that shouldn't be missed. It is a mere 20 km away from Champaner and has a rich variety of wildlife and greenery to offer. The sanctuary has a huge number of trees in teak, mahuda and bamboo amongst others. Many rare species of wildlife, like barking deer, nilgai, chausingha, sloth bear, etc., are also found here. The beautiful valleys which were once home to many tribes now make a lovely site for hiking and camping.

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  • 12Kevdi Eco Campsite

    Kevdi Eco Campsite

    This forest ecotourism campsite is located en route from Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary to Ratanmahal Sanctuary. Located at the banks of a river, this campsite is best known for the flying squirrel that is spotted in the evenings. The nearby tribals depend on this site for forestry activities. There are also amenities, such as amphitheatre, separate kitchen & dining places, places for campfire, etc. in diverse forest campsite.

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  • 13Dhanpari Eco Campsite

    Dhanpari Eco Campsite is located in the Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary and is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Apart from being a great camping spot, it also provides information and awareness regarding the forest and nature preservation as a whole. There is an orientation centre, kitchens and dining places, cottages for tourists and many other facilities that make the place a pleasant tourist spot.

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